Camping Landkaart: de beste campings in Trentino

Camping Landkaart: de beste campings in Trentino

Vindt de beste campings voor reizen in Trentino vlakbij het Gardameer, Caldonazzomeer, Levicomeer en Dolomieten!

Het spijt ons maar de inhoud van deze pagina is momenteel niet in uw taal beschikbaar.

The Camping Map will help you choosing the best destination for your next vacation in Trentino, by offering you all the information you need: a detailed map of Trentino; the description of the Consortium and of its specializations of vacation (Activity, Family, Wellness, Resort and Bio); a catalogue of the campsites with contact information, photos, specializations and services; a photographic archive that will leave you breathless.

Breath of fresh air with the new Map! It includes the indication of the main tourist attractions and outdoor sports that you can play close to your favorite campsite!

The activities included in the list are several and varied, suitable for any age and passion: cycle paths; winter sports; rafting; windsurf and sailing; fishing; hiking; diving; climbing; golf; air sports. Now you just have to choose! 

Browse online our new Map of Trentino Outdoor and plan today your next vacation of nature, sport, art and culture. 

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